submission box closed!

dear god this is what happens when we neglect the blog fhgrjgvfv.
alright guys! submissions are currently closed because we have twenty - seven submissions to do and some of us mods are still a bit busy so we’re going to attempt to tackle them and hopefully get them all posted!

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2 years ago
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moist-ankles whispered,

It makes sense. Okay, cause for me it's kind of hard to find crossover rps. I would really like to give it a shot one day.

well, we here wish you luck in finding a crossover rp you enjoy. there are some mfrps that you can join, too, here on tumblr that could help you out in that area. hopefully you’ll be able to find somewhere that you feel at home in!

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moist-ankles whispered,

Had a quick question. All these confessions...have they rped with others or are they cross over type fanficts. Because, honestly. I really want to read them or do a crossover rp.

it’s a mix of both, really! some people have rped out these pairings before while others might have the thought of a pairing/ship them without having role played them and others might have written fics based on them as well. it really just depends on the person submitting them, some who only observe even submit because they ship them!

i’m sure they’d be more than happy to show you fanfictions they’ve created or even perhaps the logs if you were to ask people who ship them, as well. hopefully this makes sense?

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